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Nina Manuel Sexy dusky beauty a successful TV host for past 4 years & of focus India’s Super Model who’s staring incessantly at you from Fashion shows, Magazine covers, Ad’s, billboards and Zee aft hrs show. The Supermodel of India with the ‘Hottest Body & Killer legs’ scorching Runways across the globe.

From her debut show for “Ensemble”, Nina has been the darling of designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Shahab Durazi and Rajesh Pratap Singh. Rohit Bal chose Nina to open and close his Fashion Show in Delhi, even though she was a new face at the time. She has done ramp shows for designers like Neeta Lulla, Maheka Mirpuri Suneet Varma, J. J. Vallaya, Raghavendra Rathod, Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Baand Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Ravi Bajaj.

You have been one of the hottest faces in the fashion modelling circuit,how did your journey begin ?

I took part in the Look of the Year contest for which I didnt win nor place and…..then…..after that my modelling career took off ,and one show got me my next…… literally!!!

The Indian modelling scene has been more welcoming to fair skin and light eyed, what were the challenged you faced?

Honestly when it came to ramp modelling my dark skin was very appreciated….. I didnt face any problems at all as a matter of fact the designers loved the dark skin so it worked to my advantage. It was only for ads, where it was a problem, so after awhile i just stopped going for screentests cos i knew they were on the look out for a fair model and I didnt see the point in going. But it didnt seem to bother me as my modelling career was doing real well..

From a successful model to a TV presenter, how did the transition take place?

I was a VJ with Channel V for two years while I was modelling but I wasnt ready to give TV my full 100 percent so I quit … and so I went back to modelling and then I sudenly I got offered this TV job by Zee….for which I didnt have to audition ….and I just said yes….and here I am!!! Lubna Adam was with Zee and still is… so I saw her shooting something at the Fashion Week… and thats when I said to her that I would be interested and the next thing i know is Mr Pradeep Guha has called me for a meeting and I got the job!!!!

What’s it like to be a host of that most popular of all shows, After Hours?

My job is super…. I can’t complain… I get paid to party… how hard can that be….

Who are your favorite designers? Will we be seeing you on the ramp this season?.

I have many favourite designers.. I like Arjun Saluja , Gaurav Gupta, Savio Jon,Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal,Manish Arora,Rajesh Pratap Sabyasachi Mukherjee…. its an endless list …
I am planning to take part in the Delhi Fashion Week…so am quite looking forward to that….. as for other fashion shows…. I’m quite choosy about them…..

Tell us your beauty “mantra”?

My beauty mantra…. is exercise regularly….. sleep well….. eat right…. moisturise your face day and night….. aviod wearing makeup whem not shooting….. and always think postive……it shows on your face!!!

Any plans for the silver screen?

I have no plans for the silver screen… never had any intentions either…. but would be open to doing an item number and I feel that 2009 could be my lucky year… lets see!!!!

Your advice to aspiring models?

My advice would be keep your head on your shoulders…. dont let the fame get to your head…. always keep thinking ahead of what next…..beleive in doing quality work…..dont take your job for granted……and never get involved in other peoples gossip….. just do your job and go home…..and never compare yourself to anyone else…. thats what i beleived… there is only one NINA MANUEL!!!!

Nina Manuel Nina Manuel Nina Manuel


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