PVR- From Changing The Way We View Cinema to Now Developing It’s Own Cinema

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An Interview With CEO Uday Singh

PVR was one of the first off the block when the Multiplex revolution hit India. Their chain in Saket, New Delhi, became not only about going to the movies but also about making it a lifestyle choice. The pundits who had predicted that the cinema would die, were proved very wrong. Suddenly all of India were rsuhing to Multiplexes and certainly PVR was one of the tops amongst those.

Now PVR looks to take the same thought process of offerring to it’s viewers, under it’s umbrella company, PVR Pictures, film products that will take movie production to a different level. Here is what the CEO of PVR Pictures, Uday Singh, has to say:

PVR has changed for the better, the kind of cinema being made via it’s multiplex audience, more independent and different kinds of films are being made, will this thought process also reflect in it’s production?
Over the years, we have witnessed a growing trend in the cinema viewing patterns of our audience and as a result of which today movies are embracing this change. Our content both on the production & distribution front, will offer a wide variety of new genres of movies to the cinema lovers worldwide.

From what I recall PVR started in Saket in Delhi, whereas the film production business is more Mumbai centric, so does that mean PVR might start to do something viewers have always wanted, Delhi centric locals in their films?
Though PVR Ltd is based out of Delhi, the operations of PVR Pictures is managed out of Mumbai. We believe in being a platform to provide entertainment to our audience not bound by any geographical boundaries but purely governed by quality story concepts. If casting Delhi centric locals falls into our story requirements, we will surely look into it.

What prompted PVR to get into the production of films?
India in the past few years has seen entertainment companies like Viacom vertically extend its business in the country to widen its scope of work. After carving a niche with its pioneering efforts through PVR Cinemas in the movie exhibition business, it was only natural that through PVR Pictures which is the movie production & distribution arm of PVR Ltd, we extend our movie business further.

Will the production/distribution be a combined offering for their portfolio of films, or will it be piece meal?
We are currently working on building up a slate of Hindi releases on the production front and once we have a concrete line-up, we shall announce the same shortly. While our distribution is going strong with the increasing quality slate of English and Hindi films,we would like to be known as a quality movie production and distribution house in the country.

What kind of films can we expect from the PVR production team? What are the films that are coming out from the PVR production roster, big budget, star laden, independent, pushing the envelope, or a mix and match?
It is too early for us to confirm any news on this front. Since the past 5-6 months, we have set up a new senior management team at PVR Pictures which is currently busy putting together a slate of films in new genres. We shall announce this slate as soon as we are ready.

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