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Gaurav Gera – Fashion by Education and Actor by choice, both his and the viewer’s

Everyday lots of aspiring actors come to Mumbai from various parts of India and now even the globe. Some come to be actors, some become actors, some switch to other professions, some make it and a lot more don’t. Fashion Designer, Gaurav Gera is one such individual who has made an immpediate impact as an actor when he had the nation glued to the television with his performance in Jasse Jaise Koi Nahin. This is one actor, who descended into Mumbai from Gurgaon, and is all set to make a lasting impression here as was proved by his recent performance in Dasvidaniya. Here’s his story:

What made an aspiring Fashion Designer become an actor?
While growing up .. I was sure I want to be in fashion ..maybe the limelights attarcted me to it .. but am glad I did a self check ..and realised ..that I actually wanted to be an actor .. as a child I would never let any annual function go ..without me participating it bhangra .. or a skit ..or debate ( I sucked at debate ) .. or fancy dress .. I completed my Fashion diploma .. got a job and experience with a Production House ..and then quit it all to join theatre ..and am glad my parents totally supported me .. while I made this move.

Your performance in Jassi and Dasvidaniya have been appreciated, what was it about these two scripts that attracted you in the first place?
Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi was a rage .. am glad that I was a part of it .. not only coz it was a success ..but also coz role in it as Nandu .. was a challenging and interesting role .. and am happy to have played the part well .. in between Jassi was on .. I would die to shed the garb and yell to the world .. ‘am not a simpleton, nerdy ,uncool guy ‘ …Jassi got a makeover Nandu never did .. its surprising when many people till today ..expect me to be like Nandu ..and they get amazed that i speak English .. I take it as a compliment that I was convincing in the role … but it was a beautiful role and have happy and fond memories of it About Dasvidaniya .. Vinay Pathak, me and Shashant Shah ( dir of Dasvidaniya) are friends .. we worked together in the Great Indian Comedy Show on Star One for 4 years .. infact again am proud of being a part of that show till today ..we did quality work .. and there we all bonded ..Purbi, Ranveer, Vinay, Kiku, Suresh, Sonia, Kunal, Ashwin . I feel we were the best ensemble cast ever .. so when Dasvidaniya was offered .. I would ve done even a one entry role for Shashant and Vinay …coz I love the quality work they do …but the role they offered me ..had depth and a wonderful character for me .. am so thankful and glad I was a prt of it .. coz Dasvidaniya is one of the most beautiful films ive ever seen .. I think even if I wasnt a part of it .. would be still in love with the film.

Comedy has been your forte, do you feel it is time to step out of your comfort zone and do something dark, diabolical, or highly emotional?
Yeah I have done a lot of comedy .. but truly I dont feel Nandu’s character, that I played in JJKN was a comedy ..yes he was a happy guy .. but I had a lot of emotional scenes yeah the character was not the regular .. Nandu was jealous, sad , cunning , happy .in love he did a lot of things ..broadly I think Nandu left happy meories so ..they like to call it comedy .. apart from that I’d say .. I like happy scenes .. yeah am going with the flow and if something dark and emotional gets offered to me .. I’d be willing to do it .. not only to prove that I can do such stuff .. but only and only if the script is good .. and diabolical I’d never do ..coz I dunno what it means

Television gave you the springboard to films, is it goodbye to television then, or does that medium still hold more challenges for the creativity in you?
Yeah television has given me a lot .. yes films I’ve been doing for sometime .. and really I would not quit television .. if the role, script and money is good .. I wont care for the medium ..television or films .. coz even on television won’t see me in just another show .. I choose what appeals to my sensibility.

What are your current and upcoming projects?
Am currently doing ‘Dekh India Dekh’ ( playing Malti Manohar Mishra ) on Sony …and Hans Baliye ( anchoring ) on StarOne .. Apart from that I have 2 films in pipeline .. too early to talk about and another exciting television show ..again too early to talk about..

Your performances have been liked by all ages and demographics, what is it, in your opinion about your roles/character that caused the appeal to be universal and across various age groups?
Well I’d like to think the same I’dd say am blessed.. I love them too its mutual

Gaurav Gera on Youtube

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