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Watching Teen Patti is like going to the restaurant with the best reputation and being served food with the finest ingredients, that has been very badly cooked, because the cook does not know what to do with the raw materials and the resources at her disposal.

Take Ben Kingsley, Amitabh, along with fine individual performances by Madhavan, Shraddha Kapoor, Dhruv Ganesh and Siddharth Kher and you have potential, to make the potential even more promising is a fine underlying concept, now throw in a director and a storyteller, who have taken it upon themselves to bore the audience with going deep into unnecesary details, suddenly realizing that they are getting monotonous, fast forwarding to an action sequence, which seems forced, having characters go through inconsistencies in who they are, and if that is not confusing enough, take the traditional Bollywood like Ajay Devgan, Jackie Shroff and Mahesh Manjrekar. To complete the “excess casting” also throw in Saira Mohan and Shakti Kapoor and waste a talent like Barry John and you have Teen Patti.

Haven’t seen such a desperation to win the audience and lack of clarity in a movie in some time. Ironically none of that was required.  Ben and Amitabh have actually performed very well, but given that the whole story around which they have to act, is all over the place, there isn’t much they can do.

The item number is unnecessary as are half the characters in the film and you wonder what they are doing in it, in the first place. It is like building an argument when the conclusion is a given, but you cannot reconstruct what got you there in the first place. What is described as Mathematics appears to be all about intuition and the logic is never clearly defined, other than “it is somewhere in the cloud.”  Clearly this film is not for lesser mortals like the audience, but seems more to be a mind play of some of the lowest IQ pretending to be, super intelligent. The whole experience is like going to a Page 3 party and seeing right through everyone.

If there is a positive, it is that something different is being attempted, although that too is a pav bhaji of a couple of Hollywood films, being dished in and dished out and then some Bollywood coming into play, then London.

Watch this taking your Ipod, cellphone, videogame, food, etc along, you’ll need that.



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    Zelia Says:

    Congratulations, Sekhri-ji, for a very accurate review of “Teen Patti”.  Once again, director Leena Yadav, has proven she lacks professional competence even when her superstar line-up includes Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, and Madhavan (“Shabd” was her first disaster). The storyline of “Teen Patti” is extremely exaggerated and minute to the extent that it leaves no imagination for the audience. Fortunately, the film was produced by a Hinduja and, hence, the financial pinch won’t be felt.

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