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Hasan Zaidi – Interview

Hasan Zaidi

The silent rebel of Yash Raj Film’s new thriller  on Sony television ,Khotey Sikkey.

You have seen him earlier in popular television serials; Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu thi, Kumkum, Ghar Ek Sapna, Powder, to name a few. This dashing actor,hails from Lucknow, armed with a  Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the Eastern Mediterranean University.

Here is more about Hasan Zaidi:

Give our readers an insight to your journey to The City of Dreams Mumbai?

I came to Mumbai eight years  ago. It has been a great journey of learning the craft and the way the whole film industry works. To sustain myself in Mumbai, initially i did small roles, worked as as assistant in direction and production, which  also in turn helped me learn trade.

God has been kind to me, it has been great from living in a small room in Versova, to where Iam now. I would say , hard work, persistence and faith in myself made it possible and of course the unconditional support and love of family and friends.
As i have not taken any formal acting course, i would say Iam from NSD i.e. NEVER STUDIED DRAMA ! i have a natural flair for acting. i also realized that i have an  added advantage as my diction is very good, owing to the fact my father,  a professor  of English and a noted Urdu poet and my mother a Hindi teacher, we always spoke Urdu at home.

Tell us about your role in Khotey Sikkey?

I play the character  of Mohit Kishchandani. He is
a very rich kid who loves fast cars. He is an alcoholic who is also the muscle of the group.He drinks because he didn’t get the love from his parents which he always longed for. So this is his  way to rebel.He is very aggressive yet very loyal to his friends.

What attracted you about this role?

It was the angst within Mohit which drew me most to him.I have always felt that there is so much in terms of scope for performance if there are many  given layers to a character and not just the typical mundane nice guy or bad boy usually seen on television otherwise.

How did you bag the role of Mohit in Khotey Sikkey?

The interesting thing here is that i was chosen to play a character in KISMAT, which is the other Yash Raj Films ,show on Sony in the second season. I was at  the YRF studio for the costume trials for the same,that is where the director of Khotey Sikke( then titled Duty-Bound) saw me and asked me to audition for him.So i ended up here as Mohit and somebody else got the part in Kismat. Mohit was the last character to be finalized as they were looking for a suitable actor to play this role and nobody was being finalized somehow.

Yash Raj films is considered a dream banner to work with.How has your experience been?

This is my third show with YRF.I did POWDER and RISHTA.COM, where i portrayed two very different characters.Both  the roles were very well written.  The shows are shot on RED CAMERA, the production values are super ,for all to see and marvel.  We get bound scripts  and everyone involved is contributing to one single goal,which is story telling in the best way possible.
Its a brilliant platform and i couldn’t be happier, for now.

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  1. 7
    ayushi Says:

    where do u live i really wana meet u i m ur biggest fan in the world……nd i live in kanpur,…………ayushi………..

  2. 6
    ayushi Says:

    hasan i love u nd ur work in khotey sikkey,u r the smartest person in the world………

  3. 5
    Khushi Says:

    Hasan I luv ur drama khotte . what will be ur new project after khote sikkey????

  4. 4
    Khushi Says:

    Hasan zaidi I luv u .u r so handsome!!!!!! Great job

  5. 3
    ZAINAB Says:

    HASAN U ROCK !!!!!!!

  6. 2
    titiksha Says:

    hasan ….i like the role u in khotte sikkey….u r the best of ma chracter……hope theres a great sucees for u ahead……!!!

  7. 1
    charu Says:

    Hasan aka Mohit Rocks in Khotey Sikkey!
    wish you great success.

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