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Ehsaan Noorani depicts the new age Bollywood.  A trip to California changed this naturally talented guitar player, to becoming a complete popular Indian musician. His  tunes have become a part of some of the finest Bollywood music scores. As part of SHANKAR EHSAAN LOY and also as a solo Blues guitarist, Ehsaan has made Bollywood more appealing, not only to all ages, but also to all Geographies. Here we catch up with this talented “lifelong student of music.”

On growing up in Mumbai and attending a school like Cathedral and John Cannon, did it ever occur to you that you would be making music for Bollywood?

No, that world was very far from Bollywood. There the emphasis was more on academia and music was something I have enjoyed, even back then but the whole emphasis was more on regular school. Although I have been playing the guitar from a young age, it was more of a natural thing, as opposed to a career option

So how did that change?

After getting an initial training in music and guitar in Mumbai  by  Mr. Bismarck Rodrigues, the most defining moment for me was coming to the US, in California, in 1985 to study music. That changed the world for me and opened me to global music and sounds. On my return, advertising was becoming big in India, as was the music associated with the ads . The learning though continues and I consider myself a lifelong student of music

 How did Shankar Ehsaan Loy (SEL) come into being in Bollywood?

I had done stuff with Loy in the studios and knew Shankar too, during the advertising days. One day got a call from the late Mr Mukul Anand to compose for his movie DUS and I asked him if I could pick some team members and he was agreeable with it, so that is how SEL came into being in Bollywood

On the upcoming projects?

There is Zindagi Na Mile Dobara, Don 2, Aarakshan and some other stuff all ready to roll in the upcoming months

What jenre of music do you enjoy the most?

I am definitely a Blues guy and that has been the biggest influence for me.

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