Television | Interviews | Lataa Saberwal Seth: Juggling two careers and a marriage

Lataa Saberwal Seth: Juggling two careers and a marriage

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The quintessential mother and bahu of Indian Television, known for her sarees and style in Ye Risha Kya Kehlata Hai, the popular serial of Star t.v.

Her charm and warmth makes every viewer want to have a mother or bahu or a partner like her. What lies beneath the delicate, calm exterior is unrelenting strength, intelligence and innovative entrepreneurial skills.

Lataa talks about her journey as an actor, marriage and a new found passion.

1.) Tell us about your journey as an actor from Lucknow to Mumbai? And the challenges you faced?

I was born and brought up in Lucknow. I did schooling from ‘Christ Church College and graduation from Awadh Degree College.
When i was in Lucknow,I got an offer from Lucknow Doordarshan , for a dance show and to host programmes at Doordarshan. Its then when I got noticed and was approached by by Nitish Bhardwaj [the famous Krishna] for the role of Draupadi for a mythological serial “Geeta Rahasya”.
I accepted it and came to Mumbai. The show was pulled off Air before time, I had no clue what to do next, it was not very easy then. I did a few episodic stories and cameos then. After some time I was offered a very nice show ‘Jannat’ by Farah Khan. My part was lovely in that and once again I was back in action. ‘Jannat’ was a great hit, in fact even now many people recognise me from that role.

2. )Which medium do you prefer Films or Television and why?

Well both the mediums are good in their own way. Television has really come of age.It has become great and rich.Yes there are limitations of time and also long working hours, but I still enjoy television as it gives great publicity and good money too.Films no doubt are shot at their own pace,so more attention is given to minute details.I thoroughly enjoy working in films for this reason. But television has given me great popularity and made me a household name..I have got a lot from television,even my husband.

3.)Tell our readers about your new venture of Image Consulting? How did the idea come about?

I have been in media for about 10 years. I was longing to do something new.There comes a time when one feels the need for personal growth. I was a science student and wanted to become a doctor earlier. But life that other plans for me. So now i thought of studying nutrition. I was inspired by friends and people around me who wanted to lose weight. They would starve themselves to do it yet were not able to achieve the desired results. I being a foodie understand the love for food. I wanted to help them.So finally by doing a diploma in nutrition I found a healthy and tasty way of losing weight and keeping fit.
I wanted to combine something else with nutrition as being a nutritionist is very common these days, so ‘Image Consultation’ came my way.Yes, I believe that first impression is not the last. But to have a lasting impression, one can create a great visual impact by going through an Image Consultation.Both these concepts combined together gave birth to my company LIFE INFLUENCE- a holistic image consulting
So now I feel very satisfied and busy pursuing my new dream, apart from this I have become a trainer for Image Consultancy also. lt is difficult at times to juggle both the careers but I am very happy doing this.

4.) You are married to your on screen husband, and a very successful actor Sanjeev Seth. Your take on marriage, career and juggling the too.

Being married is a wonderful feeling! I think everyone should get married!. It has completed me and its primarily because of my husbands support that my company “Life Influence” happened .

5.) Finally your words of wisdom to the millions out there who aspire to be you?

Pursue your dreams no matter what ,they will surely come true one day. And there is no end to learning.


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