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Nikita Anand – The Acting Model

Posted by barkha on December 29, 2011 | 1 Comment

Not all former Miss India’s and former ramp models have had the acting chops. Some have appeared in film after film, but their acting has never been accepted as their strengths. Looks yes, acting, perhaps not. Then we have Nikita Anand, who has consistently won over the critics and the audience with her performances. She belongs to that genre of artists whose sheer dramatic talent lingers on, irrespective of the fate of the film. Paying her dues and working her way from being a model, to a very popular television host and finally to where she stands now, a thinking persons film actor. Here is another non filmi and belonging to the Army background, artist, who is proof that performance is all the “noise” one ever needs to make. Over to Nikita:

A little about your journey from modelling/fashion to television and films?

Post winning the Miss India title, I was doing a lot of ramp shows and designer shoots. And during this, I was approached by Zee Sports to be the face for NASCAR in India. Thus began my association with NASCAR in India for 2 years. Having debuted on TV with a sports show, I was then approached by other TV channels for sports based shows. I have covered lots of cricket tournaments (Tri Series, World Cup) and events for Zee Sports, Star etc. Very recently I was also approached by Times Now for their special Diwali celebration of Total Recall.

While all this was happening, I was selected by Manish Tiwari to debut in his film called ” Dil, Dosti Etc ” produced by Prakash Jha. Followed by Ek Second. And thus my film career began. So it has been a natural progression for me from modelling, television anchoring to films.

Now that you have a flavor of all the worlds, if you had to rank the three, Modelling/Television/Films, which one would that be?

I’d definitely rank the 3 in the following order: films, anchoring and then modeling.

I see films as a huge performance oriented medium – there are so many different characters one can enact, so many aspects to a performance namely, acting, dancing, improvising. Anchoring comes a close second. I’ve grown up learning speech, diction and elocution from The Trinity School of Speech and Drama London so anchoring is also something I love. The only drawback for me with modeling is that I don’t find it engaging enough, I’ve always wanted to do more when I was modeling.

On being a non filmi in films, talk about the advantages, as in wider perspective, and the disadvantages, clearly the barriers on account of nepotism, etc?

The advantage of being from a non filmi background is probably the fact that since one is not born with a famous last name, one doesn’t have the huge expectation that is associated with being a star’s kid. On the other hand, a non filmi debutant certainly does not get as many chances or opportunities to prove themselves in the film industry as compared to a star kid.

On your upcoming projects in television and films?

I have one film called 4 2 ka 1 which is opposite Jimmy Shergill. It is soon to be released. In talks for another film.

Talk a little on your life outside of films, what inspires and motivates you?

Besides films and television, I have been associated with The Dhyan Foundation since the past few years. I practice yoga under the guiding light of Yogi Ashwiniji. This is what keeps me fit, strong, happy and content.

Besides that, I am an avid reader, I love reading fiction novels. I always have a book on me, specially when I’m traveling.
And I love music, its a great stress buster.

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Very nice article. I really like u Nikita ma'am. Pl come up with ur new film soon. Waiting to see u on big screen.. Vaibhav December 29, 2011 at 10:47 pm
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