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Love Recipe – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on May 27, 2012 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Abdul Karim Khot
DIRECTOR – Amol Shetge
WRITER – Shyam Goel (Story), Mohd. Saleem (Dialogues)
CAST – Suhail Karin, Rani Agrawal, Sanjay Narwekar, Avantika Kamat, Imran Khan
MUSIC –Sameer Phaterpekar

In Bollywood, the season of comedies, savoury or unsavoury will never end. To add to the already spilling heap of the latter comes ‘Love Recipe’, a mindless mass of meaningless mayhem in the form of a film.

As the recipe of buffoonery films go, there is a beheaded head doing the rounds and two couples trying to get the father agree to their match. The problem with one is he supposedly is unfit because he is too modern and with the other, that the girl is of foreign origin. One may think it is a well-intentioned film dealing with a deeper message and buried within all that nonsense is one, but so mindless is the mess and so preachy the manner of speaking that it becomes nothing short of taxing.

So Rahul (Suhail Karim), a DJ and Tia (Rani Agrawal) are in love but cannot get Tia’s father, a former IG Pratap Singh (Darshan Jariwala) obsessed with unique definitions of ‘Being Indian’, to approve of Rahul. So Rahul decides to don a different identity to trick his could-be father-in-law to like him and hence approve of the alliance. Joining him in this caper is Tia’s brother who wants his father to approve of his foreigner girlfriend (Suzanne Bernert). These love stories is pitted against another sub-plot about terrorists with a penchant for old Hindi music and inability to shoot and two much-in-love police officers trying to catch them. Oh there is also a Rajnikanth angle and a sum of 50 crore on the terrorist’s head that adds to the chaos.

Needless to say the farce that unfolds is much in-your-face with little help from a newbie cast that hams it up deliriously. There is hardly any recipe entertainment leave alone love, in this one.

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