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Son of Sardar – Movie Review

Posted by Vivek on November 13, 2012 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Ajay Devgn, N.R.Pachisia, Pravin Talreja
DIRECTOR – Ashwni Dhir
WRITER – Robin Bhatt (Based on Maryada Ramanna by S. S. Rajamouli)
CAST – Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Mukul Dev, Vindu Dara Singh
MUSIC – Himesh Reshammiya

What do you say about a film full of and about sardars that makes fun of its own kind? Especially when the catchphrase of the hero (sardar himself) threatens against doing exactly the same? In the Bollywood universe where no rules matter except the assumed formula of entertainment, all is fair and so we have Son of Sardar, a silly, spoofy, roundabaout film full of Santa-Banta jokes and little else.

Giving up all pretensions of originality and riding the over-crowded bandwagon of South remakes, Son of Sardar is a remake of Maryada Ramanne, a Telugu film by S.S.Rajamouli, itself a remake of Buster Keaton’s silent film, ‘Our Hospitality’. Girl and boy from warring families fall in love but this is not meant to be a Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The boy is safe as long as he is under the girl’s roof because Sardar tradition of hospitality decrees that the blood of a guest must not be spilt within the house. So, a cat and mouse chase ensues and somewhere in between the romance plays on dutifully.

The film is more of an action-comedy than a romance. There is a lot of those by-now compulsory Dabanng style action sequences where extreme slow-motions play a big part in the drama. However, the action never takes a bloody route, by remaining equal parts thrill-inducing and comic. That its unbelievable absurdity is meant to provoke laughs is the signature of the film and its reception a matter of subjective taste.

It is a goofy ride where everyone, even the hero Jassi (Ajay Devgan) and the blood-thirsty Billoo Singh (Sanjay Dutt) are daft. It is all cute in parts and pockets but the chase lasts too long while staying in the same place for us to remain tickled by the surrounding jokes. Except those that the delightful Juhi Chawla cracks. Singularly charming and as crackling as ever, she plays the almost wedded wife of Billu Singh waiting for him to avenge his father’s death by killing Jassi. Mukul Dev and Vindu Dara Singh play the empty-headed Sardar’s pretty competently too.

Among the mayhem of a lost screenplay, the film depends largely on Ajay Devgan’s comic timing which he has proved to be passably solid in the past few years. He is as pleasing to watch as the petrified Sardar running for his life as the true-blooded Sikh who will always step up to his latent heroism. His pairing with Sonakshi works especially given the brightness of the actress presence but they have too little screen time for their romance to be truly enjoyable.

There is a colourful Punjabi flavour in the film that cares less about authenticity and more about fun. Who knows, for a strictly casual watching, it may even be had.

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