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Don’t go by his young age. Actually go by his experience, cause he started assisting at the age of 16, so in his 20’s, director Aditya Datt, already has substantial experience in the craft of filmmaking. We catch this young gun of filmmaking as he talks about his soon to be released, edge of the seat, thriller, Table Number 21, which is going to be one of the first Bollywood releases of 2013.  Our conversation with Aditya reveals a sensible head on his young shoulders.

Over to Aditya:

What is TABLE No. 21 all about?
It is a thriller and revolves around three principal character, that of Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae. It is around a game and Paresh is the person running owning and running this game. The film has been shot in Fiji. It is being released by Eros on Jan 4, 2013.

You have in the past, not let the paucity or lack of funds bother you and gone ahead and made films with what was available?
Yes you have to realize that I started off, in this industry at a young age of 16 and shortly thereafter I was ready to direct my own movie, and also wanted to make a full on Bollywood film. With that age, although I was ready, there are not too many people willing to invest in your vision, not because they don’t believe it, but because of me being very young. Also I always have more than one script idea in my head. That being said, when an investor was ready and I did manage to make my first film, at 21, called Aashiq Banaya Appne, and when I completed that the realization dawned that I wanted to just make films, not be dependent on budgets, since the stories were many with me, I could always reach out for the “story for the budget available.”  The way I look at it is every story and every budget is an opportunity to put together something different.

On your choice of actors for Table # 21?
These were actually the first names that came to mind, when the script was presented to me.

The directors who inspire you?
Mr Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Mr Mukul Anand

On directing someone else’s script, as opposed to having the usual Bollywood obsession of being both the Writer and the Director?
I actually like that. I think a Director has a story to tell at all time, but does not mean that a good Director is also a good Writer or vice versa. I always have script and writers and always respect their views, while also giving my vision to the final film.

Thrillers have traditionally not done too well in India?
Agreed, can’t think to too many great thrillers myself, liked Teesri Manzil, but I do believe Table Number 21 is a pacy thriller full of rich content, which is not just random, there is a reason it is called Table # 21. The number 21 was chosen, because this film revolves around a game that plays with people’s lives and article # 21 of the Indian Constitution revolves around the right to life. As opposed to being a Suspense Thriller, it is more of “on the edge” Thriller, which I think makes it a more endearing and entertaining watch.

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