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Bollywood is a sacred word for fans of Indian cinema and culture. This is a huge film industry which annually accounts for thousands of films which in turn collect more than twenty billion dollars in revenue. And these numbers are much larger than the Hollywood data. So what is this great movie empire?

This term was first mentioned in the 1970s but the word was widely used only in the mid 1990s. Bollywood is a derivative of two words: Hollywood and Bombay. Bombay is a main city where most such films were created. Therefore, this name is quite logical especially if you consider that India has long ago surpassed Hollywood in the film industry.

The first full-length film which Bollywood took off was released on wide screens on May 3, 1913 - it was a black and white tape called "Raja Harishchandra". The film told the story of a wise and just sovereign who was very honest and never lied.

Bollywood is a huge, but not the only Indian cinema center. Throughout the country there are film studios that take pictures in different languages not only in Hindi. In particular they are:

  • Kollywood (area of the city of Chennai);
  • Mollywood (Kerala);
  • Tollywood (state of Andhra Pradesh);
  • Indian cinema also comes out in Bengali and Malayal.

A lot of people generally believe that Bollywood movies are exclusively musicals where the actors beautifully sing and dance magnificently. In fact, according to the genre Bollywood films do not refer to musicals. They have musical inserts - but no more. In Bollywood believe that the music and dances are best able to convey the emotional aspect of life. They are rich in fantasy and fiction and the original Indian clothes only strengthens the emotional aspect. Dances and songs, in the first place, show the feelings and desires of the heroes. They do not need to be understood literally. For this reason, musical inserts are intentionally created a little unreal, so that the audience does not understand everything literally but learns to feel the emotions and states of the characters in the films.

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