• how-to-legally-reduce-the-potential-taxes-on-your-estate

    How To Legally Reduce The Potential Taxes On Your Estate

    When it comes to estate planning it’s important to remember that death often comes with taxes. For those who want to be sure that their estates pay as few taxes as possible it’s important to plan ahead and to know all of the options that one can take advantage of when keeping money tax free….

  • small-business-payroll-taxes

    Small Business Payroll Taxes

    There are some small business owners that do not know anything taxes, which is why they hire a CPA firm to begin with. However, small business owners should have an understanding about payroll taxes; even if it is a minimal understanding. They should understand what advantages or deductions they may have, as well as what…

  • Insurance Council warns on ride sharing

    Insurance Council warns on ride sharing

    People who use ride sharing taxi services are being warned to be cautious when booking private cars. The Insurance Council of Australia says most comprehensive and third-party insurance policies don’t cover owners using their vehicles to collect fares. "If you use the vehicle for personal use …

  • Google's next big thing: Auto insurance?

    Google’s next big thing: Auto insurance?

    Google’s (GOOGL) automotive ambitions may extend past self-driving cars and into insuring the cars the rest of us are still driving. The technology giant is quietly working on an auto insurance price comparison and sales platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. and has acquired licenses to do similar in the United States, the paper reported.

  • Big winners in China's stock market boom

    Big winners in China’s stock market boom

    BEIJING (AP) — 2014 was the Year of the Bull in China’s stock market as the main index surged 54 percent, buoyed by hopes Beijing will do more to reverse a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy. A rally that began in June has been supported by easier credit to finance trading and cheerleading from the state press, which says China needs active stock markets to make the economy more productive.

  • Tax-News.com: US Inmate Tax Refund Fraud 'A Billion Dollar Problem'

    Tax-News.com: US Inmate Tax Refund Fraud ‘A Billion Dollar Problem’

    Tax refund fraud associated with prisoner Social Security Numbers (SSNs) remains a significant problem for the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), according to a report issued recently by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). The number of fraudulent tax returns filed using a prisoner’s SSN that were identified by the IRS increased from some 37,000 tax returns in 2007 to more than 137,000 in 2012.

  • Tax-News.com: Canada's NDP Seeks Votes With Business Tax Cuts

    Tax-News.com: Canada’s NDP Seeks Votes With Business Tax Cuts

    Ahead of elections later this year, the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP), Thomas Mulcair, has announced a policy outline, with "concrete measures to help the middle class." In a speech before the Economic Club of Canada on January 27, 2018, Mulcair said that his government would support Canadian manufacturers and small businesses to create full-time jobs for Canadians, if it wins in the October elections.

  • What really impacts on your credit score?

    What really impacts on your credit score?

    When it comes to credit scores and files, there’s a wealth of misinformation around what will and won’t leave you with a black mark next to your name. It also includes repayment history for loans and credit cards, which can work in your favour if you pay on time. Check it free-of-charge at www.getcreditscore.com.au.

  • Tax-News.com: Irish Clarifies VAT Treatment Of E-Gaming Services

    Tax-News.com: Irish Clarifies VAT Treatment Of E-Gaming Services

    The Irish tax authority, the Revenue Commissioners, has updated its VAT Manual to clarify, for VAT purposes, the "taxable amount" for supplies of E-Gaming services to Irish consumers. Bonus plays, free plays, and other forms of promotional discounts should be excluded from any calculation of the consideration on which VAT is due, it said.

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