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How To Make Money During A Recession

In today’s economy it seems nearly impossible get ahead. Full time work is a rarity; more often than not people are having to accept two or three part time jobs merely to keep afloat. There are little known opportunities that few take advantage of and can be extraordinarily helpful to your financial situation.

Though it is not recommended to start this first one off if you are already in financial trouble, it is the highest paying. Blogging is something that many people have turned to around the world. Essentially you create your own website, find something you are passionate about and write until your heart is content. Money is made by the bloggers audience donating to the author, or more commonly, the reader clicking on the advertisement and making a purchase; this gives the author a percentage of the purchase from the advertised website. The trouble with this method is it could take a few years to build up a proper audience; therefore little to no profit would be gained for the first few years.

A growing method of additional income in the Southern United States is mobile advertisement. Essentially you contact a corporation and pitch not only yourself, but also your vehicle; once they agree they paint or apply wraps or decals to your personal vehicle. Just by you doing your daily tasks and making your vehicle visible the company pays you for advertising. Many large drink and candy corporations are currently taking part in this form of advertising in the south east.

Become a brand ambassador. Very few people know that this job even exists and the pay is often excellent. A simple online search for brand ambassador will allow you to see what companies are in need in your area. Through this line of work you accept schedules that fit your lifestyle as well as the product you wish to sell. Wonder what you will be asked to do? As fate would have it you already know; the free samples in your local grocery store, the taste testing in your local liquor store, and the booths selling products at fairs and local events are all brand ambassadors. Often the pay ranges from ten to fifteen dollars an hour.

Contract writing is also a great way to find a little spending money. There are multiple sights that need online copy written for them. The topics offered to write on are endless and the pay is by the piece or length. You decide who to write for, what to write about, and when you want to write it. This is an entirely work from home position and can be very profitable if you are willing and able to write quality articles.

Today’s culture is all about the innovator. With the advancement of technology there is endless work available online that had previously never been available. Most of the jobs may not make you rich quick, but what they do offer is in its own way much better. The perks of all of these untapped sources of income is that you can mold it to fit your schedule and lifestyle while putting that much needed extra money in your pocket.


  1. macey March 30, 2018 at 10:56 am - 

    Do people really sink their money in when the economy is in recession? I’ve heard that the industry like lotto, cigarettes, booze etc. does very well. What investments make big money in recessions?

  2. eilig April 13, 2018 at 6:13 am - 

    The best way to make money in a is to short sell.You could also invest in precious metals a hedge against the markets.

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