Capital One is the financial company providing services on loans, credit cards, debts, etc. One of the most popular credit card of the Capital One bank is Platinum Mastercard credit card.

This credit card is so popular because it offers next benefits:

  • no charge using
  • customer gets fraud coverage in case of loss
  • round-the-clock access to online account
  • opportunity to enjoy a higher level of credit line

Moreover, this credit card is protected by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It means that customers receive compensation in case of the bank fails.

You can easily obtain this one online by providing some required information. This action lasts no more than a minute. Just find the website and indicate a reservation number and access code directed to your email. Finish application by submitting the form.

The process is quite simple so everyone is capable to coupe with it. But if you come across with any troubles dial: 1 877 383 4802 (US) or 1 800 227 48 25. In case of request is not approved try to apply again. The repeated request requires a providing of additional information such a date of birth, full name and your address.

In addition to Platinum credit card are also available Venture and Quicksilver credit cards. Each of them has special benefits. Venture credit card is very convenient for travelers because they can get travel bonuses paying by this one. Quicksilver offers it users to earn 1.5% from every purchase. For those who have a status of business member is available cash back of 2% with Spark Cash. Moreover, you will win a prize of $500 when you sign up for this type of card. If you have an online account you can check recent payments, bonuses and be aware of all operations with your credit card.

The main office of the bank is located at: 1680 Capital One Dr MnLean, VA 22102.

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    I am a L1 Visa holder and came to US in the month of Sept 2010.Can I claim my wife as a dependent while filing tax return for the year 2010?

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